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Posey Picks is a series of short interactive cartoon games - help Posey make choices in her fun bunny life!

In this very first episode, Posey needs to decide what to draw!

(More episodes soon! In the meantime, check out Posey Picks comics with chooseable paths!)

Art, Writing & Music by @derekachoy (also on Instagram and Facebook)

Programming & Additional Ideas/Assets by thechreestump

(Chree isn't on social media, but if you wanna say hi, I'll pass along your message!)

Published 7 days ago
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Touch-Friendly


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this... is good. i like it. very stackable on top of other browser games.


congrats for making the cutest game on lol :^)


Lol thanks spencer!


Very cute, little game. Love the artstyle !

Thank you so much!



it loves you too!!



Can I download the duck music somewhere, thanks


Haha sure:


You are an absolute legend. Thanks


I need more of this! Its so cute and wholesome!


Thanks so much! More to come, in time C:


I love this it's so very sweet!!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed!!


O m g! That was so cuuuute and adorable! It's incredible and I can't wait for the next episode! <3

Amazing art and work from all who has been in the making of this ^^

... also, that McDonalds song is gonna be stuck in my head for days lol 😂

aww thank you rouxbow!! lolll do you have any mcdonald's near you? you have to go - that's the only way to break the curse


this is so adorable and well-made! I swear I hear that longing "art..." every single time I finish a drawing now, I'd love to know more of Posey's adventures, she's so innocent! Following for more!

Thanks very much!! Lol, I hope that helps encourage you to finish more drawings!


Very cute!

Thank you! :D


thats how i draw too

it's a very effective technique!


ah yea, mcdolans uwu

cute game

hahah, thanks!! see you at mcds


This is such a cute little game, the sweet bunny is making all of my art dreams come true! :)

Thank you so much!! Art dreams are the best dreams.