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Posey Picks is a series of short, sweet and silly cartoon story games! Help Posey make choices in her fun bunny life with a variety of branching paths and endings!

In this episode, Posey's waiting for her school bus, but it's taking f o r e v e r. Should she keep waiting?! Should she ditch school?! Help her decide and see what happens!

Art, writing and music by @derekachoy (also on Instagram and Facebook)

Programming and additional design by TheChreeStump (Chree prefers to work behind the scenes, but if you have a message for her, I'll pass it along!)

For some more Posey content: the soundtrack is on Spotify, Bandcamp, and other services!

There are also a few Posey comics!

And here's the first game in the series!

The easiest way to help us out is to share the game with people who you think would like it! But if you'd like to do even more than that:

Consider joining Derek's Patreon Sticker Club! Or you can also donate right here on itch! Anything is appreciated, but nothing is necessary <3

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(150 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Casual, Comedy, Cute, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Touch-Friendly

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Posey lore


i love posey <3


This game is so fun and cute :)

Take care of your legs, you all!~


soooo cute


I love this game so muucchhh!! And Dr. Chung is the best character ever


thank you kindly! both from us, and from dr. chung!!

This is soo cute 😻

thanks for playing c:


I love this cute, short game! It's very fun and silly :3

thank you so much! glad you enjoyed it!


ty :)




thank you very much!! glad you could see some of yourself in it!!

this game is sOoOooOoO CUte!!! i loaf it<3 aaaaand where did yo drew these lil animations for the game? these are so cutee!!<3<3

thanks again!! they're just drawn in photoshop, nothing fancy c:


Really fun game! Wish you had the option to go back to/start from certain scenes instead of having to start from the beginning. Otherwise, very cute art work and great humor!

Thank you very much!! And that's a great suggestion, it's something we're trying to implement in the next game c:

What happens if you wait before talking to anyone?

nothing special! the talking options are just optional really, although one of them does unlock certain endings!

Amazing! ❤️


thank you kindly!!

You're so welcome! 😍❤️

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OMG THIS GAME IS AWESOME AND STILL IS.I used to play this back in 2020 but for some reason i stopped going on itch io and lost my acc.I forgot my pass and idk.Now that i have itch io again ive been trying to find this game until now.Im so glad i found this game,its so cute and  fun to play!!

aww thanks so much and welcome back!! glad you found your way here again haha!


this is so cute i love this game so much

aw thanks, and thanks for playing!


i think i got all the endings haha


awesome congrats!! thanks for playing :)


how do you get the dr chung ending


when you hid in the rock for 1000 years, stop hiding

Deleted 297 days ago

thank you and also how do you get the formed stool ending


dont worry i think i got it

hehe congrats and thanks for playing!

ty and youre welcome!! i love the posey picks games, youre doing great with this series for sure!!<3


it is perfectly okay to talk to brooms (they make great friends)!!


absolutely agreed!! they'll sweep you off your feet


Lovely game! The story is very imaginative and too cute. I played it more than I should have. I wish you the best of lucks in your next projects.

thank you very much!! i'm glad you enjoyed :D

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I created an account just to comment on this amazing game! This is possibly the most creative and cutest game I have ever played. Fun art style, perfect music and sfx, interesting characters, no confusing interface - I thoroughly enjoyed this game as I gleefully laughed at the silly scenarios. Thank you, thank you!

ahh thank you so much!!! very glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for playing!


This is so cute! I love the doctor dog.

sorry for the late reply, but thank you!! dr. chung is as adorable as he is professional!


Did anyone else realize that Posey looks like the responsibility demon when she says that they should still go to school?? No one's talking about it :/

oops sorry late reply!! haha good job noticing!! i can't remember if anyone else brought it up, but i'm sure at least a few people saw it!

this is the cutest! new follower! <3

thanks so much! :D

Np!! <3

I don't completly understand the whole "Dr Chung Redux" ending. Is it the normal Dr Chung but only after you retry it? 


Hi! The Dr. Chung Redux ending is reached by going down the same route to him twice! The 2nd time his interaction is different. Sorry for the delayed response!


I love how it had so many endings, love the game!


thanks so much! glad you had fun :D


This game is so funny and cute ٩(๑> ₃ <)۶♥

hehe thank you so much for playing!!

Ok ehh- I have found one small bug :( Sometimes when you wait for the bus it'll glitch out and you cant click anything and the bus never comes D:

Thanks for letting us know! Would you mind letting me know what device you were using and if it's a PC/mac, how much ram you have? A couple people have encountered this issue and it's usually been because of low memory, having a lot of browsers tabs open, etc.

I was on pc but I only had another google tab open and I have plenty of memory on my windows. also I don't know how much ram I have- Aka. Dont know how to check it.

Thanks for the info! If you use Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) then go to the Performance tab, you'll see "Memory" there, listing how much ram you have. But don't worry too much about it! It seems like a rare bug and we'll try to have a look at it, but it's a tricky one to pin down!


Hello, big fan

hello, thanks very much!!

AHHHHHH I LOVE THIS SM!! ITS REALLY CUTE are you gonna make another one?? if you r make one where posey goes to diffrent places!

haha thanks so much! we are making more!! they might be smaller than this game though, as "real life" has required more of our attention lately ;-; lol

I got all the endings but it took me like an hour qwq.. It was fun though!

aha!! good job again!! (and we're trying to add some quality-of-life things to the next game that'll make it easier to replay and find the endings you want c:)


oooo sounds interesting! I look forward to seeing more games! I bet their gonna be great! ^^

thanks so much!! :D

oh my gosh- YOU FOLLOWED ME :O im crying right now!! q-q

       /_Hello again! I hope I can accompany you and you can improve my day again!/


( *^﹀^*)つ         (•⁰ ν ⁰•)

haha yaaa 🐰💙


haha thanks so much!! glad you enjoyed!


I love it!!!!!

aw thank you!!


this is literally the cutest game ever please i love this i haven't even gone through it all yet but i would die for this game and the characters and also u, creator


thank you so much!! but no dying necessary!


omg i played this before idk when, i thought i has all the endings so i came again for no reason and i see the ROCK.

i didnt see that before:(

anyways i got the 2 endings now:D imma replay just incase theres more

haha nice!! if you like, you can use this checklist to see what endings you've gotten and what might be left to see: ending checklist

oki tyy :D


Very fun game! I ran away from school lol XD

haha thanks! i probably would too!!


doctor chung is adorable!! is he your dog?


haha i wish! he belongs to a fellow dev who generously provided the picture c:


amazing game, I only got 4 endings.

thanks for playing! c:



Bad game


This game is amazing, I can't wait for the next one!

Thank youuu! See you next year!

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